Skateboarding has the freedom to explore embedded in its very action and i think it's at the heart of every skateboarders nature. A freedom to create and a freedom to truly enjoy Play. As adults we very seldom have this opportunity to participate in Play proper. So often we are restrained by someone else's rules and we are driven by someone elses ideals, so much so that we often loose sight of those feelings, of those moments that can really help to define you. Not to anyone else - but just to you......tick-ada-tack tick-ada-tack tick-ada-tack....the pavement skips underneath your feet. With every push faster and faster. I think that might be one of my favourite noises in the world.....tick-ada-tack

Swiss dudes exploring the sun dappled streets of Geneva. roll on boys.

My Gran

Shrove tuesday at my gran's house. Silvia Bowman. Mums mum