wee animated bobby

Kieth 'without a mouser' Allen treating us to a wheelie gone backlipipipipi,


Skateboarding has the freedom to explore embedded in its very action and i think it's at the heart of every skateboarders nature. A freedom to create and a freedom to truly enjoy Play. As adults we very seldom have this opportunity to participate in Play proper. So often we are restrained by someone else's rules and we are driven by someone elses ideals, so much so that we often loose sight of those feelings, of those moments that can really help to define you. Not to anyone else - but just to you......tick-ada-tack tick-ada-tack tick-ada-tack....the pavement skips underneath your feet. With every push faster and faster. I think that might be one of my favourite noises in the world.....tick-ada-tack

Swiss dudes exploring the sun dappled streets of Geneva. roll on boys.

My Gran

Shrove tuesday at my gran's house. Silvia Bowman. Mums mum

Re tracing old steps....

What a treat it was being home at the weekend. Many friendly faces I had not seen in far too long with many stories to be told, and jokes to be shared. I had a busy couple of days, which proved to be fairly succesful. From shooting hollow wooden surf boards out in snow ridden Strachen, to 30 stair rails at One in the morning, and a rather exhaustive ollie mission around the deen. I was really Lucky to see some really rad stuff get thrown down...Also I hope everyone will be praying to the BT (carpark) god, who relented is onslaught on the 'deen skate scene by letting us skate that hallowed ground for an entire sunny sunday afternoon. My shrine is already being worshipped. Heres a couple of fillers, to let you see what amazing talent we have right here on our own door step....these boys are good at what they do.....
Thanks to everyone who put down gnar, Jon, Keith, Ross for showing me what patience and a steady hand can do, and of course Gary, Mark, Nicol, Chris, Colin and Callum for just hangin' an' helpin'. See you all soon.

Ross with the new Ealanta Fish...(5'10"?)...complete with revolutionary rail construction. Watch this space! _

Jon on the long walk....27 stairs 1.30am. job done....look out for this one in a newsagents near you..

The one that got away, just as we got set up, and keith had a few testers, old Mrs No-fun came an gave us the boot, and in the words of the tash-less Mr Allan, on how hard we tried to get a couple more tries out of her - "we turned the charm up to eleven on that one". Look out for March Issue of Sidewalk for a few pics and words about the tash-less wonder....mon A'deen.

sometimes you just don't know

When you meet a person from the older generation, wether it be a stranger or someone you know well, you will never quite know the true extent of their knowledge. Sometimes it's worth taking a moment and realising what it is that you don't know. We, as a generation (term used loosely) often do not understand where or how we came about.... I think this is a massive part of our lives.....so massive infact that i urge anyone who reads this to contact an older relative. no matter how trivial the story how fickle the tale, just get it done. We don't know yet how much this communication matters. My bet is Alot. The picture above has nothing to do with this diatribe, but really who's counting....nae cunt. So start counting, and start loving those who loved you...they hold the answers..the older ones they know more than we could ever hope to.

First Dance

A happy couple celebrate their wedding day by having their first dance outside the old frigate bar, Aberdeen

Shredders in the Mist - 2090 - A Lecht Odyssey

After a long transnational journey back to the heartland, Myself and Fraz arrived mid morning in the elegant town of Tomintoul. We met up with Neil, had a cup o tea and headed up to the lecht to set about getting everything in place. Digging rails out of the snow, sourcing and testing the lights, cutting and welding rails back together (that was nick really, although neil did get behind the controls of a fairly hefty angle grinder, not sure how safe that was) amongst a miriad of other wee jobs we still managed to get a wee shred on. Awesome - it was my first shred since breaking my back in Nz, and after a few runs, i was back to feeling the stoke again. We spent the night shifting lifting and shaping the rails set ups, and with nick doing most of the heavy lifting, we headed off for a pint and a glen Avon mega burger. Day 2 shred was on and rails looked good, Pro turned up to get the party beats going and the riders started to arrive in the late afternoon. Long story Short...Seb Innes ripped everything to bits with Cowie and Nicol not far behind, some solid jibbing from all especially considering the visability was only about 50ft. Monster party on Saturday night.....sore heads sunday morning, clouds still no better so booter was cancelled.....more rail sliding, more folks, adeen groms, poor photos followed by a long journey home... Yes boss...the lecht never fails. Thanks to Nick, Neil, Hugh and Diane for making it a banger of a shred...can't wait 'till next time.

Neil strapping in for the guinea pig run

Nick getting his weld on

Seb Steezing oot a Back tail. Seb ripped a'hing this weekend and rightly took home some prizes for his efforts

2090 in 2010

Well It's that time of year again, and dutifully the devoted snowbunnies of Scotland can get their fill of the usual scottish season, consisting mainly of heather, rocks, ice and biting winds. But endeavour we will, to shred as much a s possible. Thanks to Neil up at the lecht, all you shred dogs will be given a chance to get 2090 gnarl all over your face. If you have ever been to any of the infamous night jams, lets get ready to stumble's or any of the fine events held at the lecht then you will know to expect....if not, well good luck! In tribute to one of my favourite places in the world i am posting some old, not to great lecht snaps.....love finding old pics.
Neil and Nick shaping an end of spring last chance

Cowie Floating a special into the nights fog

Cowie. Last man standing.

Other Distractions - Gareth Costello

Gareth has only been taking photos for a relatively short period of time, and that makes this even harder to swallow. His photos are beautifully understated, easy on the eye, but they give us lots of visual clues, as to the decisions he made, what he wanted to show, and what he wanted us to see. His photos are taken without any of the pretence, or the 'to0 cool for art school-lomo-vice girl' rhetoric which has haunted young contemporary photography for a lwee while now. He genuinely loves making images too, and it shows. Compositionally, his subjects are almost casually overlooked, as they are candidly observed by their audience. Maybe this is why these quiet and almost self-concious images work so well - they don't force anyone into a loaded conversation or critique of themselves, they just are.
It's rad having seen Gareths journey and progression through image making happen so clearly and so quickly. It wasn't long ago that the drunken, 'so how does aperture and shutter speed work' conversations where had trotting home from over indulged saturday nights. I love looking at his photos, and i hope you enjoy them too. Keep your eyes peeled for this dude.

Cheers G.

Stanley Park Bikes

this was in Peniche,Portugal an overly angry canine which im sure would have quite happily feasted on my camera and myself without chewing

his was in Stockholm a couple years back, whilst haen a bit o' a layover caught this gentleman standing at the platform. I wasnt sure whether or not this guy was simply waiting on an arrival or was in contemplation.looks slightly sinister like.

-Friedrich Nietzsche


‘Not all those who wander are lost.’

J.R.R Tolkein

bits of snow

Jimmy local shred dog, getting as smooth as irish cream on this alleyoop blunt/tailly thing. slide the whole length, went over the back twice and shot of the end twice. SP. NZ

The night and the fog draw in. Snowpark New Zealand.

3 tours of Afganistan...Micheal...19yrs...from Oldham. Going to Aberdeen for the weekend, and he was worried it might be a bit rough....



'I cannot believe in a god who wants to be praised all the time'
- Friedrich Nietzsche..Ards NW Donegal

Caught on the train station trying to run away from home. She had bought a ticket to London, when the Policeman announced over radio that he had found her.

Traveling text Companion. I met her on the train, and I left her there. These are snippets that I could see from her texts to her boyfriend Will.
'don't be too hungover'
'you want me to let loose?! I'm so excited!'
'Wicked! I know i'll orgasm ALOT!'
'for as long as you want it'

Skateboarding pictures have been found festering away in the dark corners of the archive.

Ruari. pick from the nose.

Husayn. Melly from the punch bowl. Circa August 2007

sky at night

Day Five

ephemeral ecstasy. rinse and then dry.

Day Four

black sharpie. phone box. chemist. old sheets. cheap rental

Day three. Rest stop

coffee. newspaper. sandwich. grease. chef/petrol attendant. stale food smell. more miles to go.

Day Two.

Passive couples waiting on the bus. As you walk down the aisles they look neither stimulated nor content. You notice as you pass their hands quietly placed one on another, on top of her thigh. The headrest interrupts your view as you take your seat further up the bus. For the rest of the journey you can only see the tops of their backs of the of the sides of their heads. Not moving. Not worrying.
I'm worrying. No i'm not, I'm wondering; where are their hands? I'm really not really worried.

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day one.

a nice sunny day for chairs

a nice sunny day for ice creams