Other Distractions - Gareth Costello

Gareth has only been taking photos for a relatively short period of time, and that makes this even harder to swallow. His photos are beautifully understated, easy on the eye, but they give us lots of visual clues, as to the decisions he made, what he wanted to show, and what he wanted us to see. His photos are taken without any of the pretence, or the 'to0 cool for art school-lomo-vice girl' rhetoric which has haunted young contemporary photography for a lwee while now. He genuinely loves making images too, and it shows. Compositionally, his subjects are almost casually overlooked, as they are candidly observed by their audience. Maybe this is why these quiet and almost self-concious images work so well - they don't force anyone into a loaded conversation or critique of themselves, they just are.
It's rad having seen Gareths journey and progression through image making happen so clearly and so quickly. It wasn't long ago that the drunken, 'so how does aperture and shutter speed work' conversations where had trotting home from over indulged saturday nights. I love looking at his photos, and i hope you enjoy them too. Keep your eyes peeled for this dude.

Cheers G.

Stanley Park Bikes

this was in Peniche,Portugal an overly angry canine which im sure would have quite happily feasted on my camera and myself without chewing

his was in Stockholm a couple years back, whilst haen a bit o' a layover caught this gentleman standing at the platform. I wasnt sure whether or not this guy was simply waiting on an arrival or was in contemplation.looks slightly sinister like.


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