2090 in 2010

Well It's that time of year again, and dutifully the devoted snowbunnies of Scotland can get their fill of the usual scottish season, consisting mainly of heather, rocks, ice and biting winds. But endeavour we will, to shred as much a s possible. Thanks to Neil up at the lecht, all you shred dogs will be given a chance to get 2090 gnarl all over your face. If you have ever been to any of the infamous night jams, lets get ready to stumble's or any of the fine events held at the lecht then you will know to expect....if not, well good luck! In tribute to one of my favourite places in the world i am posting some old, not to great lecht snaps.....love finding old pics.
Neil and Nick shaping an end of spring last chance

Cowie Floating a special into the nights fog

Cowie. Last man standing.


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