Re tracing old steps....

What a treat it was being home at the weekend. Many friendly faces I had not seen in far too long with many stories to be told, and jokes to be shared. I had a busy couple of days, which proved to be fairly succesful. From shooting hollow wooden surf boards out in snow ridden Strachen, to 30 stair rails at One in the morning, and a rather exhaustive ollie mission around the deen. I was really Lucky to see some really rad stuff get thrown down...Also I hope everyone will be praying to the BT (carpark) god, who relented is onslaught on the 'deen skate scene by letting us skate that hallowed ground for an entire sunny sunday afternoon. My shrine is already being worshipped. Heres a couple of fillers, to let you see what amazing talent we have right here on our own door step....these boys are good at what they do.....
Thanks to everyone who put down gnar, Jon, Keith, Ross for showing me what patience and a steady hand can do, and of course Gary, Mark, Nicol, Chris, Colin and Callum for just hangin' an' helpin'. See you all soon.

Ross with the new Ealanta Fish...(5'10"?)...complete with revolutionary rail construction. Watch this space! _

Jon on the long walk....27 stairs 1.30am. job done....look out for this one in a newsagents near you..

The one that got away, just as we got set up, and keith had a few testers, old Mrs No-fun came an gave us the boot, and in the words of the tash-less Mr Allan, on how hard we tried to get a couple more tries out of her - "we turned the charm up to eleven on that one". Look out for March Issue of Sidewalk for a few pics and words about the tash-less wonder....mon A'deen.


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