sometimes you just don't know

When you meet a person from the older generation, wether it be a stranger or someone you know well, you will never quite know the true extent of their knowledge. Sometimes it's worth taking a moment and realising what it is that you don't know. We, as a generation (term used loosely) often do not understand where or how we came about.... I think this is a massive part of our massive infact that i urge anyone who reads this to contact an older relative. no matter how trivial the story how fickle the tale, just get it done. We don't know yet how much this communication matters. My bet is Alot. The picture above has nothing to do with this diatribe, but really who's counting....nae cunt. So start counting, and start loving those who loved you...they hold the answers..the older ones they know more than we could ever hope to.


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