Shredders in the Mist - 2090 - A Lecht Odyssey

After a long transnational journey back to the heartland, Myself and Fraz arrived mid morning in the elegant town of Tomintoul. We met up with Neil, had a cup o tea and headed up to the lecht to set about getting everything in place. Digging rails out of the snow, sourcing and testing the lights, cutting and welding rails back together (that was nick really, although neil did get behind the controls of a fairly hefty angle grinder, not sure how safe that was) amongst a miriad of other wee jobs we still managed to get a wee shred on. Awesome - it was my first shred since breaking my back in Nz, and after a few runs, i was back to feeling the stoke again. We spent the night shifting lifting and shaping the rails set ups, and with nick doing most of the heavy lifting, we headed off for a pint and a glen Avon mega burger. Day 2 shred was on and rails looked good, Pro turned up to get the party beats going and the riders started to arrive in the late afternoon. Long story Short...Seb Innes ripped everything to bits with Cowie and Nicol not far behind, some solid jibbing from all especially considering the visability was only about 50ft. Monster party on Saturday night.....sore heads sunday morning, clouds still no better so booter was cancelled.....more rail sliding, more folks, adeen groms, poor photos followed by a long journey home... Yes boss...the lecht never fails. Thanks to Nick, Neil, Hugh and Diane for making it a banger of a shred...can't wait 'till next time.

Neil strapping in for the guinea pig run

Nick getting his weld on

Seb Steezing oot a Back tail. Seb ripped a'hing this weekend and rightly took home some prizes for his efforts


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